Entry #1

The Buttcracker

2007-12-31 15:20:47 by Nutcasenightmare

www.freewebs.com/blaisnicklaus/Buttcra cker.swf

This is my part for ConcorX's Dangerous Present Collab. Go there, pretty please?

Yeah, haven't animated for a year. I thank everyone in the collab for motivating me to animate again. I loved it, even though I was up until four and had trembling hands. D'ya notice the new style I'm experimenting with?

Oh, and thanks to Happy Tree Friends. For inspiration, not ripping off of.


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2007-12-31 17:48:02

Thanks man...wait a minute... YOUR F***ING CANADIAN!!!!??? I am too!Yay!!!I am from nova scotia!

Nutcasenightmare responds:

Next collab: The Canada Day Collab?


2008-01-01 08:53:36

Your part was awesome! And I love your new style:D


2008-01-01 20:54:18

Yours was the best part :D Im glad you made a part. Without you the collare wouldnt be as high!... well right now its still under judgment


2008-01-01 23:15:25

It was fucking awesome :D


2008-08-31 17:17:28

man ur flash rocked really really good , wish i could animate along side u one day lol that would be awsome!!!


2008-11-12 20:38:05

You, are epic, I cant beleive how epic you are in comparison to that of a normal fourteen year-old.
I idolize you.
I really do.


2008-11-18 01:35:51

Look at me posting in your first news post a year later.
Hey, I'm from the future and I've come back in time to destroy stuff whats up penis


2011-03-04 22:07:24

Hey buttcracker (nice) is this game ever going to come out?