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Awesome as always!

I love your dark sense of humour, paired with expressive animation and unique style.
Another thing I've noticed about your work is that it's really hard NOT to interpret a message even if no message was intended. But that just adds to the awesomeness.
( Friedrich Nietzsche's "God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him." springs to mind while watching this. )

And wow is that little fish thing cute.

SpamClamberton responds:

not as cute as you baby.

Both parts of this series were great!

This review is for all of your cartoons currently on NG, btw.


Well yeah, great animation, looks very professional! (Well you ARE a veteran animator from Nickelodeon.) The character designs also made good satire, even if a little over-the-top. However, the animation in the Changeobot series doesn't seem to be as good as the one in your Prop 8 cartoon.

The voice acting was excellent; the first cartoon had a very good impersonation of Obama's voice and accent, and Palin's voice in this cartoon was just wonderful. However, McCain-bot guy doesn't sound like McCain at all.

I also watched the previous part of this cartoon, and in context, this series is not biased against or towards any particular party, as most people seemed to have perceived. The first cartoon was a very spot-on satire of the differences between Obama's promises vs administration, and this cartoon's a really spot-on satire of the differences between Republican administrations and promises.

And of course the most important message of the series, "little real change ever happens in the Changeobot world", regardless of who's in charge. NOT EVEN THE TRANSFORMERS CAN TRANSFORM THE POLITICAL STRUCTURE


However, while the political jokes were very well executed, and I appreciated it, I believe most of the humour may have went over most people's heads. You should stick with the approach your Prop 8 cartoon used: Political humour mixed with stuff that will also entertain the rest of us. The Prop 8 cartoon did this well. Gay beavers always work well.

I think your political cartoons are great and have even greater potential, and I'd love to see what political issue your next cartoon tackles! Keep it up!


+Fav, 10/10, oh and totally voting for this for Monthly Top Ten.


A fan of this series, and I'm glad to see that the artwork has improved vastly since you got your drawing tablet. While the animation is still slightly choppy, it's nice to see that your FBF animation is getting better!

The sky-warping and design of the 'real' devil really was the best part of this episode. The 'real' devil's design was very creative - it looked like a very bloody depiction of lust and false idolatry... or something like that. In any case it was really cool.

Keep up the series! =D

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Narrative vs Gameplay

Simple gameplay can help tell a story, but here, the gameplay works *against* the plot. Other than falling through the floor in the beginning, it plays exactly like an average platformer *despite* supposedly being a glitchy beta.

Now, if the power-ups were real glitches like wall-clipping or 'freezing' the screen, then the story and gameplay would be much better integrated, and not seem like, as many other reviewers thought, just an average game with an artsy story slapped on.

It's a pity though, because the idea of a beta game who's afraid of being fixed has *huge* potential. You could always re-explore this concept in another game, just be sure that when your story's about a game, the gameplay itself actually matters.

why am I reviewing games at two in the morning
~ NutcaseNightmare

A great end to a great series

The Robot Wants series always did humour well, and this was no exception. Vast exploration, creative bosses, & gradual upgrading was, once again, perfectly executed.

And of course, the SHOCKING TWIST ENDING was pure 100% AWESOME.


Something odd about the games is that DYING is a good strategy. In Robot Wants Puppy, dying & respawning with Kitty was easier than fetching her. In this game, dying & respawning with full energy was the easiest way to recharge. Also, because the bosses remain damaged after you die, ( other than the final one ) you don't really have a reason to avoid being killed. Just shoot, die, respawn, roll back there, shoot, repeat.

Not necessarily bad; the game might otherwise be too hard. But players shouldn't have to strategize against the game itself.

Some other flaws: Why can't we just click a button to start flying, rather than holding it down for a second? Why are prizes for killing bosses ( Like gaining solar energy ) less useful than power-ups found randomly? ( Like getting an extra battery )


While it may fall short in some places, overall, it's a shining example of an exploration and comedy game. We Want Robot Wants.

Beautifully written, deeper than it seems...

P.S: If you're looking for a conventional game, try a different game. If you want a well-written story with subtle details, elegant presentation, and a surprise twist, well what luck!


In most interactive fiction games, I usually try merely to get all possible endings, but in this game, I actually found myself exploring all the branches to piece together the story, because it was that engaging.

The story never explains itself in any individual story branch, but it all starts to come together when played multiple times. But it's not enough to replay it to fully experience it; you have to think and reflect about it too.

The 'realization', the 'twist', is not in the form of a conventional ending, which is the most unique thing about this game. When you figure it out, you will not be disappointed.

--- spoilers ----

On the surface it's a story about troubled love, something anyone can relate to. When I first saw Leigh 'glitching' like a hologram, that's when I knew that the story was far deeper than a mere dispute between a couple.

Replaying it through multiple story branches revealed so many other things... These plot points became more important than achieving different endings. I was intrigued, trying to put clues such as Leigh saying "You're useless without me", "I make you special", and "If other people knew about me they'd hate you".

My main hypothesis was that the protagonist was a schizophrenic who had fallen in love with a figment of his fragmented mind; that probably says more about me than it does the game, but that's the thing about this game: it's definitely conveying something, but it forces the player to reflect on his/her own beliefs.

I think it was fortunate I got the Hospital Ending last, thus I had more time to ponder the story. The Hospital Ending didn't fit with my guess that the protagonist was schizophrenic, so I had to rethink everything. But once I realized that it was all from the perspective of a heroin addict ... Suddenly, I saw everything in a completely different light. ( Again, the fact I connect love to addiction to schizophrenia forced me to reflect upon my beliefs. )

I play it first to enjoy it; I play it again to put together the pieces of the plot; I play it finally to see it in its entirety, hidden secrets and all.

----- /spoilers --------------

The only criticism I might give is that it would be better if the ending's conversation varied a little but more. I'm not saying have drastically different endings, as that would ruin the story, but it was a little disappointing to see such limited ending conversations for so many story branches.

On a technical level, the user interaction was intuitive and friendly. Artistically well done, music was okay.

But for its simple purposes, this game executes it excellently. While it isn't exactly the most complex game there is, overall, its elegance won me over.


This is a game that engages a player long after the game is over.

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WE used this in our collab

I concur with Concor.

That collab, along with this song, was AWESOME.

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I may be biased here...

.... but lol, I love it! =D

Who knows where that guy's going to. What important errands does one have involving falling and breaking one's face against the ground.

Scourger9 responds:

Deep. Thanks for the review!



The facetious nature of this comic was just hilarious to the nth degree. ("A sad, lonely man with nothing better to do than to troll the internet.") The cute chubby characters and the colour scheme were a nice touch as well. And of course, the flash game was awesome itself, and I really wish I could play the WiiWare Super Meat Boy!

Also I just had to review because of its 5.03 score. Note to everyone, if you want to preserve this score, DON'T vote 5. It actually brings down the score, to my disappointment.

A nice good work of fanart.

The way you anthropomorphized Crash is, for a lack of a better word, epic. In addition to that, good anatomy, linework, and colouring. (Even the head-body proportions are correct... I think.)

There's no background, but as a simple piece of fanart, it's great! I'd love to see more works from you.

NeoXIII responds:

Thanks, I will do my best to keep it up. =3

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