Kickstarting an online game-maker!

2012-08-31 14:30:26 by Nutcasenightmare


Remember that :The Game: series I made?
:The Game:, Replaying :The Game:, Reimagine :The Game:, and now, with Craftyy, you can

It's still in alpha, but right now you can make simple games online with Craftyy. That means no need to download a program, no need to know how to program. You can even remix other peoples' games, adding onto them and giving them your own horrible, twisted twist.

Check out all the games made with Craftyy at:

And remember to back our Kickstarter!
(Or at least tell a richer friend to do so)

Kickstarting an online game-maker!


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2012-08-31 15:37:13

Looks awesome man!

Nutcasenightmare responds:



2012-08-31 16:40:19

By god, you're asian.

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2012-08-31 18:11:38

MOAR :The Game: AAAA

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2012-08-31 18:54:17

Whatever happened to Foobar :the game:?

Nutcasenightmare responds:

That was a prototype of Reimagine :The Game:.
It became Reimagine :The Game:.


2012-08-31 20:32:29

Oh hi... didn't see you there... Lemme tell you about something called kick starter...

Nutcasenightmare responds:

In hindsight, our opening line should have been

"Oh hai, I didn't see you there, you just caught us in the middle of making a Kickstarter campaign."


2012-08-31 23:25:56

Seems like a nice fact I was contemplating whether or not to develop a game.
Sadly, I really wish I had money to Kickstart in the first place.

Nutcasenightmare responds:

I know that feel... I'm a sustaining-self-on-ramen-income student, and that's why I turned to Kickstarter in the first place.

So unless you happen to know some crazy-rich VC, your encouragement is support enough!


2012-09-01 01:05:47

This animation is real cute.

About halfway through this video when I'd worked out what was going on, I kind of decided "These games look bad, people can make weird slow Space Invaders clones with things they drew, Ok whatever. I don't wanna play or see any of those."

BUT!!! Somewhere in the second half of it I completely flipped around. The idea of releasing a game prototype that nobody owns and anyone can edit, and those contributions stack, is a pretty amazing idea. Here's an example:
Username1--: Check out this top-down shooter I just made, it is Geometry Wars.
Username2--: Oh that's cool, but it's kind of boring, I took this and made all the ships people.
Username3--: Hey thanks for setting this up, I adjusted all the variables in this and made it a stealth game, check it out.
Username2--: Sweet man, this is amazing, hope you don't mind I added in distractions to this game, so you can throw stuff now.
Username1--: Oh my god what's going on, I never thought of any of this. I was just adding 2-player to version 1.0, but I guess it could still work with this, so let's make this a co-op game now.

If you could make contributing to a game as easy as contributing to a Wikipedia page, then you could have these ridiculous Wiki-made games. Even better than that, you could throw unfinished games out there and say "If anyone wants to do art for this then go nuts".
This is actually exactly how I made my first game and learned to code, so I don't know why I've never thought of this: I downloaded a top-down shooter.fla from some site and changed all the variables.
I browse around Tigsource and I DO just wanna take people projects and change everything. So I think there's a totally interesting idea in here, in making games that nobody owns, but hopefully it doesn't come out as just 20 versions of Arkanoid but with Nyan Cat as the ball (or fuckin whatever).

(Updated ) Nutcasenightmare responds:

You're absolutely right.

The whole problem of people just making bad games is the reason there have been so many gamemakers in the past that have failed miserably. Perhaps the biggest flop was The Sims Carnival. It had a downloadable editor, a games portal, a tie-in to a huge franchise, and backed by E-fuckin-A.

Yet it died in beta.

So... there's a very long history proving that if I focus *only* on solo creation, Craftyy will die.
Will adding "remix" to it save it?
If people aren't good at making whole games, maybe they can add small improvements to existing ones?


"Games that nobody owns"

Man, that's poetic. I'm going to steal that phrase.

And yes, let's hope these Wiki-games don't all become vandalized Wikis... where your player is a penis that shoots penises at penis monsters' vaginas.

But that's a really good suggestion - outright *encouraging* unfinished games, so there's room to add your own stuff! And yes, that's how I learned to code too! Funny how unfinished works can be so inspiring.


2012-09-01 01:30:33

As a Portal Moderator here on NG, I support your idea!

I go through shovelware daily, and I like your view on things!

This is a brilliant idea, and I will back you!

Thank you,


Nutcasenightmare responds:

thank YOU


2012-09-01 02:23:55

I see information about backers getting a premium account for six months (or up to permanent), does this mean that after the Kickstarter success, it'll be a free service but with the option to pay for a premium membership? If yes, how deep do premium advantages go? Is it as simple as no ads, or does it go as deeply as the ability to upload your own art and sound files?

That's my second question, can people upload their own art and sound files into Craftyy? Or is it solely the presets in the system?

Will there be any support for flash developers to drop a flash project or any of their resources into Craftyy if they want to? Or is Craftyy going to be a skill of its own (albeit, a very simple one)?

Even if you answer ALL of those questions the worst way I'm imagining you could, I STILL think Craftyy is a great idea.

(Updated ) Nutcasenightmare responds:

"Does this mean that after the Kickstarter success, it'll be a free service but with the option to pay for a premium membership?"


As it's still an early project, we'll be flexible on what the premium account entails. A few ideas I had include: earlier access to new features, more storage space, having their games promoted?


"Will there be any support for flash developers to drop a flash project or any of their resources into Craftyy if they want to?"

Surprise! Flash *already* exports HTML5 animations! ejs/articles/getting-started.html

The problem is, it can't export full code. Just the animations.
But soon, you'll be able to put your Flash animations into Craftyy.
I'm definitely looking forward to this, because I've always loved Flash as an animation tool!


2012-09-01 04:57:01

Finally, HTML5 is being used in a good way, I support this, you might get a back from me sir.

Nutcasenightmare responds:


I've finally realized that HTML5 simply cannot beat Flash at its own game.
But the one thing HTML5 can do that Flash can't (as easily) is being able to make games online.
And with that, comes the benefits of being online, such as turning games into WIki-style anyone-can-edit toys.

Hopefully it all pans out


2012-09-01 04:59:50

Wait this is what you have been working on since you finished the game and Block monsters

Nutcasenightmare responds:

Along with this, I had an eight-month internship at EA, and a one-term internship at a startup.

I also made two HTML5 games.
Pony Wings: http://ponywings.nutcasenightmare .com/
4 Horsemen:



2012-09-01 11:18:37

good stuff, would you create an THE GAME: RPG, or an point-n-click mystery version of the game?

Nutcasenightmare responds:

It's possible.


2012-09-01 14:20:44

Leaving the design of games to the users? Preposterous, sir!

This is beautiful and I encourage everything you're doing here.

Nutcasenightmare responds:

It's more preposterous than that - the design of any *one* game is not left up to any *one* user...
... it's left up to ALL of them.

~dun dun dunnnnnnnnn~

Thanks for the support!


2012-09-01 20:07:09

Fantastic job with the turning this idea into a reality. I look forward to see what else comes out of this.

Do the built in physics use Box2D?

Nutcasenightmare responds:


Yes, the physics is using the Javascript port of Box2D: /


2012-09-01 22:14:51

i love this idea but i have run into a snag at crafty nothing is loading from community made to examples to even create your own it all just hits a big loading page before i can use it i know its beta but shouldnt it work at least a wee bit? besides that props all the way and looks great


(Updated ) Nutcasenightmare responds:

It is working, and should be working for you too!

What browser are you using? Nothing loads in Internet Explorer - a "your browser is not supported" screen is supposed to show up, but apparently IE is so broken it doesn't even show that.

But if you're using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, great! It should be working fine.
If the Loading bar gets stuck at 99%, try refreshing the page.