Music Contest Idea?

2012-10-09 15:46:04 by Nutcasenightmare

While thinking about my open-source Craftyy, an idea struck me.
What if there was a crowdfunded contest for Creative Commons music?

The best musicians get prize money from the people, by making freely-available music for the people!

1) Crowdfund the prize money -- all the money goes towards the winners, and the prize amount can keep increasing with more donations.
2) Musicians enter their music into the contest -- it only has to be Creative Commons licensed if they win.
3) Top three musicians win the prize monies.

--- --- --- --- ---


1) Would you CC-license one of your existing songs, a new one, or none?
2) What CC license are you most comfortable with, if any?
3) Overall, would you participate in such a contest?

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Fo' reference:
- Creative Commons
- Crowdfunding on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo

Here's a Junji Ito / Friendship is Magic crossover.

Music Contest Idea?


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2012-10-09 16:41:29

I see a lot of potential sponsors being turned off because the Audio Portal already hosts 15-20 contests a year with prizes ranging form store credit to cash money. The sad part is that these contests rarely even see the same people enter and some don't even fill the slots alotted, meaning everyone moves to the finals by default.

Maybe if the crowdfunding is well in place and people see the potential for beaucoup bucks, they'll enter. But like I said, I predict funders waiting for interest from musicians before moving and musicians waiting for interest from funders before committing.

Also, unless there's something special about the CC License you linked - all music here at NG is part of that licensing, already.

(Updated ) Nutcasenightmare responds:

Hm, you're right about the circular dependency of funders & musicians waiting on each other. Suppose funding will have to come before the contest for this to work at all.

Very good points, thanks for helping me find the flaws!


2012-10-09 19:52:59

You goofer. cb9e404a17d2f24f829cf8

(Updated ) Nutcasenightmare responds:

Haha, yeah, I knew that about Kickstarter!

Fortunately, IndieGoGo is more lenient. (and allows Canadians like myself)
In fact, there was another successful Creative Commons contest on IndieGoGo, but for short essays. f-Copyright
(remove the space NG puts in these links)


2012-10-10 03:36:25

The guys and gals over at the audio forums would love this question. We do projects like this allll the time and fucking LOVE doing it. It helps out the community. It helps artists. It helps us grow. Its pretty wicked cool.

Nutcasenightmare responds:



2012-10-10 11:01:26

Weird picture is weird.
Anyway,i like the idea and it helps musicians a lot. Good that you are doing this!


2012-10-10 15:51:17

sounds cool


2012-10-10 17:06:39

all music submitted to newgrounds is under a CC license. this one specifically .0/
bottom left of every audio submission.

now if you swapped CC license with "public domain", that would be something new.


2012-10-10 19:46:14

Two donation requests in a row from you? I'm gonna go ahead and put my conspiracy theory on the table, you're pocketing money or something. You're definitely a smart guy, so I believe you could figure out a way to get away with it. Plus, both initiatives are so inherently "giving to the community", so people would never suspect YOU to be doing it.

Also there was that time you unravelled the government and pop culture as a whole and called it "The Game". I'm onto you, and in reference to The Four Horsemen puzzle game, upon your request for donation, I simply say


(Updated ) Nutcasenightmare responds:

Ha, I'd definitely be suspicious of myself too!

That's why, for this contest - if I do it - all money goes towards prizes. I want nothing - I'll even chip in some myself. There'd be no way I can steal the money undetected, unless I enter the competition myself and fake the votes so that...

... well, shit.


2012-11-20 20:28:33

there will be a new :the game: someday? i love the series


2012-11-25 05:12:14

That's one creepy damn picture.

I couldn't concentrate on the text, the spirals were just...



2012-12-03 21:46:56

This is my reaction.
*Hums title music from :the game:*
Do do do-do do. Do do do-do do. Do. Do. Do d- OHHHH MYYY GOOOODDDDD........
I know what the cross over is, by the way.
MLP FIM and Uzumaki/Spiral.
I love that manga. It's very creepy. >:3


2013-01-20 09:13:31

Wut u dun 2 ur page?
Okay, so I went on your page (nutcasenightmare(dot)com) to see the comics again, and I couldn't see them. CHANGE IT BACK! I can barely access anything now!

Nutcasenightmare responds:

In the middle of changing servers, 'tis a hassle.